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New Variety

New Variety BV is an entirely independent company with a staff of four.
Jos Buskermolen – general management: contracts, royalties, etc.
Lammert Koning – plant hunter: conducts searches throughout the world for new varieties

New Variety’s services:

Searches for new varieties

New Variety conducts worldwide searches for commercially interesting new varieties.

Plant breeders’ rights

New Variety applies for Benelux/EU/international breeders’ rights for new plant varieties. For the United States, we can arrange for your plant patent.

Trademark rights

New Variety will apply for trademark rights for new trademarks.

Licensing contracts

Acting on the instructions of the holder of the plant breeders’ rights license and propagation contracts, New Variety will negotiate with plant propagating companies, growers and distributors.

Royalties and monitoring compliance

New Variety will collect the royalties and monitor compliance with the agreements established in the licensing and propagating contracts.

Marketing and promotion

New Variety will conduct or coordinate the promotion of new plant varieties.

Issuing of licenses

For growers and propagating companies looking for new varieties, New Variety makes available the varieties it manages.